Creepy crawlies some are fascinating, some make our skins crawl, however they form a valuable cog in the wheel of our Ecosystem.  Allowing these into our gardens will attract insect predators, which will help to maintain the population of both good and bad critters.  The following are some of the insects that I am asked to remove or destroy (unnecessarily).

Ground Beetles, UK

Ground Beetles - The Gardener's Friend

Ground Beetles, eat .... Aphids, Fly Eggs, Moth/Butterfly Eggs and Slugs. We need these in our gardens !!!  So next time you think "ewe yuk", leave it alone he is your friend

Habitat for Beetles:

  • Leaf Pile
  • Compost Heap
  • Stones
  • Dead wood Stack

Daddy Long-legs

Daddy Long Legs or  Diptera Flies

These appear about now in the annual cycle (late summer). Crane Flies are not poisonous, nor do they bite or sting.

The Pupa (Leather Jacket), can do damage to the lawn, however, bring the birds into the garden, they love these grubs.

Picture Source: Woodland Trust

Female Earwig

Earwig -go

Earwigs will eat some plants, however they also eat fruit based greenflies, so encourage them round fruit trees.
Picture Source: Woodland Trust



The bin-bug of the garden, they feed off dead plants and creatures, helping to produce compost for the garden. They are closely related to crabs and there are approximately 30 species in the UK.

Click on Picture to John Innes Centre / Slug ID Guide


Leaving slugs alone, although they can eat our valuable plants, they are also food source for birds, particularly the Mistle Thrush who are currently on the red-list of UK species and under severe decline. Instead of killing or God forbid using slug pellet, just move them to a less destructive area of the garden.